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Padel courts in the river valley

Along the idyllic Odense River path close to the city centre, you will find Tennis Club Odense, Funen's oldest and largest tennis and paddle club. The club has three paddle courts, ten tennis gravel courts and three mini tennis artificial turf courts - all of a high standard in the middle of magnificent green surroundings.

Among the flowering lilacs, club members and guests have access to a sun terrace, barbecue, changing facilities and bathing facilities. Bring your own food and have some culinary fun at the grill before or after a game of paddle. The paddle courts can be rented online and they are fully automated with passwords and lights on the courts. It is open every day of the week, so you never have to miss the opportunity for a one time paddle.

An idyllic and sporty wonderful experience close to the city centre and Odense Zoo - named Europe's best several times. End the day with a walk to the zoo and sail back with Odense Aafart, which runs all summer long.

Tennis Club Odense is very sportingly active and therefore used to receiving many guests, not least for the numerous H.C. Andersen Cup rallies that the facility hosts. Come and experience some cozy hours in the protected nature area in the Å valley.

Please note that opening hours may vary during the holidays and that the tennis courts are not for rent. Visit the website for more information.