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Paint store Nordfyns Farvecenter

Get access to top-quality paints that the master painter himself uses, and get inspiration and professional advice on choosing paints, colors and materials!

The paint store Nordfyns Farvecenter is for you who want personal guidance. You'll meet the master painter Bjarne Toft Hansen in the shop, where you can buy what you need for your DIY project.

Nordfyns Farvecenter sells quality paints, wallpaper, and accessories for private and business use.

You can buy exterior and interior paints from renowned Jotun, Jotun Lady and the special products from Zinsser, Rust-Oleum etc. as well as accessories.

Opening hours

Tuesday 15:00-17:00

Thursday 15:00–17:00

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: Open by appointment.