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Palæo Pilestræde

Enjoy delicious cuisine made from pure, natural foods that are not unnecessarily processed. Gluten and Lactose-free with no added sugar or starch Paleo gives us their contemporary twist on the Stone Age diet.

Why should fast food be unhealthy?

At Palæo it doesn’t have to be that way, which is why this restaurant opts out of sugar and fast, processed carbohydrates, like grains and dairy. Instead, choosing good, fresh ingredients with a focus on the primary building blocks of the food pyramid; meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Which, coincidentally, are what our Stone Age ancestors used to eat! Though a meal at Paleo isn’t quite the same as eating like a caveman – a quick browse through their Instagram and it’s easy to see why. The rainbow-coloured salads truly pop and the smoothies and juices, wraps and bowls look positively 21st Century. What’s also 21st century is the modern interior design to go with your healthy meal on the fly.

The five golden rules of Palæo

For all healthy, discerning Palæo diners, there are five golden rules. First, sugar is a sin. Second, preservatives are a no-go. Thirdly, starch is sugar so this must also be avoided. Gluten can be hard to digest for some people so the fourth rules bans this too, and finally the fifth rule is no lactose.

However, Palæo is a progressive restaurant and to help reduce meat consumption, legumes are added to the menu to provide sustainable protein alternatives. If you’re running around shopping in the city centre and need a quick bite that’s healthy and delicious, Palæo is a great choice that won’t break the bank.