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Palle Mikkelborg, Jakob Bro & Marilyn Mazur at GENERATOR

Experience Palle Mikkelborg, Jakob Bro & Marilyn Mazur at the Generator venue!

In a spontaneous and exploratory territory, three of Danish jazz's greatest talents from each generation come together to paint a spherical and deeply felt melodic snapshot. There's air in the music, great freedom, and a shared desire to create something that may not necessarily be explained but felt.

In 2024, this trio embarks on a release tour around Scandinavia and Europe, where they will play a series of exclusive concerts including collaborations with German cellist Anja Lechner and Japanese Midori Takada in a commissioned project at the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

And now they're also stopping by Ringkøbing, where they'll perform at Generator. During the concert, the trio will be assisted by a choir consisting of local youth from the Cultural School, Ringkøbing Church, and Ringkøbing Gymnasium.

Event time: Sunday the 1st of December at 16.30, doors open at 15:30