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Palsgaard Forest

Palsgaard Forest is one of the oldest Jutlandic forests. It offers a varied landscape with softwood, oakwood, high moors and 100 year old beeches.

The first part of the wonderful forest was planted in year 1805 at exhausted moor land from poor farms, which have been taken over by the state. 

Hampen Lake is located 79 metres above sea level in the northern part of the forest and is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark. In the summertime you can swim in the lake or take a walk around the lake.

Hiking and biking in the forest will reveal many historical memories, especially barrows, but also gaps from charcoal stacks.

Until the 1890's, the old Hampen Lake Haervej Inn was found west of the lake, but only single ramparts close to the main road 13 is still preserved.