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The Park Route

The 5,4 kilometres Park Route starts and ends by The Natural History Museum. It follows asphalted path systems through the three parks – Universitetsparken/the University Park, Vennelystparken and Botanisk Have/the Botanical Gardens – in the centre of Aarhus.

The route is particularly suitable for walking or running. 

The park by Aarhus University

The Universitetsparken is placed in an open cleft dominated by a well trimmed turf with scattered oaks that form an open wood of oaks with many birds. In the centre of the Universitetsparken, there is a brook that continues through the Vennelystparken where nature has been given a freer rein.

Animal life

On the way, you pass big and small lakes with all the birds that traditionally live by park lakes, for instance ducks, seagulls, coots and grey herons.

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