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The Park Tøjhushaven

Tøjhushaven was originally called Marielund, and was named after the then Crown Princess. In 1842, the park got its current name Tøjhushaven.

A historic park

Visit the romantic park and walk off the neat paths. See a memorial stone, ancient granite columns, demarcated beds and more. Experience traces of past military activities in the form of a cannon ramp to Tøjhuset, gunpowder house and a canal where you can go canoeing from the fjord.

With the construction of Tøjhuset, Tøjhushaven was built in 1802-05, as Denmark's first public park.

A good excursion destination

In 2002, several public facilities were established, including a playground, campfire hut, table and bench sets, barbecue tables and petanque courts. Later, Tøjhushaven also got a barbecue and a multi-lane.

If you have a dog, it is also welcome in the park, as long as it is on a leash.

Find Tøjhushaven by Udbyhøjvej in the center of Randers.

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