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The path Mols Bjerge-stien

The Mols Bjerge trail is a 80 km long hiking trail which is divided into 4 stages of approximately 20 km each.

A trip with landscape, nature and culture

The path Mols Bjerge-stien winds through the dead-ice landscape in Mols Bjerge. The Danish mini-mountains rise 137 meters between Ebeltoft and Kalø Vig. The trail is certified by European Ramblers Association as Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe and is 80 km. The path can also be broken down into four stages each of 20 km. If 20 km is too much, you can halve the routes midway, where a sign indicates a shortcut.

The different stages

The Mountain Stage: This stage has a focus on the landscape, nature and culture. Experience the Danish "mountains" 137 meters above sea level and enjoy the stunning views. You can also see, how the area has been affected by human activity though time. 

The Kalø Stage: Experience the Kalø Castle Ruin and the ancient manorial landscape. Walk among gnarly trees, tall beech woods, along the coast and in the grasslands of Mols Bjerge.

The Ebeltoft Stage: This is an idyllic stage, which takes you through towns, villages and to the centre of Ebeltoft. Walk along Djursland's largest lake and on a disused railway line.

The Gåsehage Stage: From Ebeltoft, you can walk along the coast through beach meadows, sandy beaches and forests. There are many birds and nice viewpoints. 

Find maps of all the stages and see all the facilities.

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