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Pause Recovery Studio

Treat yourself with a wellness pause: at Pause Recovery Studio you can re-charge with float therapy, infrared sauna and recovery boots.

Active, mental restitution is important in a busy everyday-life –both at work and at home. At Pause Recovery Studio you will be able to relax in beautiful and calm surroundings while your body and mind restitutes.

Float therapy

You lower yourself into a tank with clean, clear water in your very own private room. The water is body-tempered and mixed with 30% Epsom-salt which is what keeps you floating while you relax. Quickly the floatation therapy will bring you in complete balance and you lose the sense of where the water ends and the air begins. The light gets turned off, calm music plays and you relax. The only thing you have to focus on is breathing.

Wish to share your floating experience with a friend or a partner? Pause Recovery Studio is the only studio in Denmark offering a float for 2 (couple float) in their large float cabin.

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna is an ancient wellness treatment from Asia. The sauna projects infrared lightning which releases heat, when it hits the body. Feel your body relax, when the warm rays your skin. At the same time the treatment kickstarts the physical and mental restitution.

Recovery boots

Recovery boots are advanced boots which look like big bags that you pull over your legs. By the help of air compression or cooling icewater, you will restitute quicker after work out training, a long flight or long day walking in the city. 

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