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Peter Beier Chocolate

Peter Beier Chocolate is a Danish family business based on honesty, old school service, organic raw materials and a great portion of uncompromising love for chocolate.

Peter Beier Chocolate creates handmade and exclusive chocolates - a perfect taste experience with cocoa from their own organic plantation, organic fruits and herbs from Ørsholt Gods, and meticulous workmanship performed in their own chocolate factory.

Lifelong passion

Peter Beier Chocolate’s lifelong passion has always been and is still to deliver the uppermost chocolate experience. This involves giving the chocolate the attention it deserves which means using traceable products and making great efforts – for the sake of the taste.

A first-class chocolate sensation

Peter Beier cannot help trying to find new chocolate sensations. Beautiful blackcurrants from the garden, sparkling champagne, steaming coffee, juicy vanilla seeds and a twist of chili – if we really fancy the taste, it is very likely that the raw materials, which are often home-grown, are included in the chocolates.

Peter Beier Chocolate was founded and is operated by Linda and Peter Beier. The company is based at Ørsholt Gods near Elsinore and owns a cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic. You can buy the chocolate in Peter Beier Chocolate’s own shops and online. There are 52 fragrances to choose between and you can make your own personal box with filled chocolates.