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Peter Beier Chocolate: World of Chocolade and Ice

Peter Beier's world of chocolate has now also become a world of ice cream.

Ice-lovers can look forward to soft strawberry sorbet, among others, with Peter Beier's personal favourite variety from Ørsholt Estate, ice cream with homemade brownie and white chocolate ice cream with crispy pearls and a touch of orange. Even Peter Beier's own beer, Raw Cacao Ale, has found its way to the ice cream counter.


Ecology and local production
Peter Beier's ice cream waffles are an experience for themselves. 100% organic, crispy and handmade at Ørsholt Estate where all production takes place. For example, the eggs in the waffles originate from the estate's own chicken farm, just as much of the organic fruit in the ice is harvested in the historic orchard. Of course, the chocolate in the ice cream is Peter Beier's own.

The ice cream is available in the store at Ørsholt Estate and in the café shops, where there will be both tasty, solid classics and surprises. Every week Peter Beier develops new varieties inspired by seasonal ingredients and a lifelong passion for taste.