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Picnic at Trelde Næs

Experience the beautiful nature at Trelde Næs and bring your picnic basket.

By the beach at Trelde Næs you can enjoy a view of Vejle Fjord to one side and the forest to the other. There are table/benches and bins. 

It is also possible to picnic in a clearing in the forest right by the Little Belt. There is a bench and a bin at the site. It is also ideal to bring a blanket and sit on the grass. The clearing is close to the house Troldehuset. To find it just follow the path to Troldehuset, once there continue on the path towards southeast. The clearing opens up to a stunning view of the Little Belt, so it is not easily missed. 

Nearest parking is the parking lot at the end of the road Trelde Næsvej. Lavatory at the Nature Centre by the beach.