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Playground in Bygholm Park

In beautiful green surroundings within Horsens' grand manor park, there are not one, but two enjoyable playgrounds equipped with modern amenities. Here, children can play safely while parents relish the park's cosy ambiance and excellent facilities.

The city's historic playground

The playground in Bygholm Park is almost an institution in Horsens, and most children in the local area have willingly been brought here by parents and grandparents. People used to take a stroll in the park's cosy surroundings, chat with the ducks, climb the big hill, and finish off at the playground where they could really have a blast. Recently, another fun nature playground has been added, and in connection with that, the playground equipment in the large old playground was also replaced.


The new Tarzan course

If you arrive at Bygholm Park from the tunnel under the train station, this new playground is located along Peblingestien on the right-hand side. The new playground is a 200-meter-long jungle course consisting of tree stumps, balance beams, seesaws, climbing nets, monkey bars, bridges, sensory swings, platforms, and more. The area is designed as a winding course, where one starts at one end and finishes at the other. However, it can also be used as a traditional playground where children choose precisely the activity that appeals to them.

The new playground is made of natural materials that blend well with the park's surroundings.


The "old" playground

At the other end of Bygholm, close to the park's huge free parking area, lies the park's "old" playground. When we say "old" in quotes, it's because it has recently been updated with new equipment in the same style as the new playground. The area is peaceful, and the individual parts of the playground are surrounded by hedges, providing good privacy.

On-site, there are, among other things, a zip line, swings, a seesaw, an amphitheater, a sandbox, a bonfire area, a table tennis table, and a petanque court. Around the playground, there are several tables/benches where it's ideal to enjoy packed meals.


Other activities in Bygholm Park

Bygholm Park is Horsens' large green oasis, situated very close to the city center. In the park, there are several small lakes - not to be confused with the large Bygholm Lake, which is connected to the park via a path. There are many ducks and geese that bring joy to the youngest visitors, but avoid feeding the birds as it's not good for them.

Bygholm Park also houses a disc golf course. If you don't have a frisbee yourself, it's possible to borrow equipment at the park's beautiful manor hotel, Comwell Bygholm Park, for a small fee. Here, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee with cake or a meal at the hotel restaurant.

In the park, there's a larger hill with steps leading to the top. On the sign at the top, you can read that these are the ruins of Erik Menved's Castle, which stood here until the 17th century. Children love to "climb" to the top of the hill and enjoy the view.


More playgrounds in the local area

On this page, you can find inspiration for several other good playgrounds in the area in and around Horsens.