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The Poetic Route for Jeppe Aakjær by Jenle

Danish Poet Routes are poetic routes in nature all over the country, where the focus is on nature, literature and fresh air! In Limfjordslandet you will find the poetic route for the author Jeppe Aakjær.

Follow in the footsteps of the author Jeppe Aakjær

Poetry route for the author Jeppe Aakjær

With a view of the Limfjord and Astrup Vig, you will find the poet Jeppe Aakjær's artist home Jenle.
From here you can venture out on the beautiful poetic route for the author Jeppe Aakjær.

Here you can follow in the poet's footsteps and at the same time enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds Jenle.

On the poet route you will find different "bookmarks" and at each bookmark you can listen to another story from the poet himself.
The route is 1.7 kilometers and has 6 bookmarks.

Jeppe Aakjær's artist home Jenle

Once here, visit Jeppe's arts home. Jeppe Aakjær lived here with his wife Nanna Aakjær from 1907 until his death in 1930.

You can see exhibitions and the artist's residence where Aakjær wrote several of his well-known works.