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Pulsen/Arena Assens - sports and activity area

Pulsen/Arena Assens - Outdoor playingarea for all

Visit Pulsen, a nice sports and activity area, and bring your family, sweetheart, friends or neighbours! A large 30,000 m² outdoor sports and activity area in the town of Assens.

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· Petanque
· Squash
· 60-metre running track
· Badminton
· Basketball
· Trampoline
· Free play at the playground
· Skateboarding ramps
· Climbing nets
· Long jumping
· High jumping
· Water puddles
· Benches and tables
· Outdoor workouts
· Bar-to-bar climbing frame
· Crolf
· Football
· Rounders

“One day’s workout” fitness centre… and much more besides.  

Possibility of hiring equipment for activities:
Hire of squash racket: DKK 20
Hire of badminton racket: DKK 20
Hire of badminton court: DKK 100
Hire of petanque set: DKK 30
Hire of basketball: DKK 20
Hire of crolf equipment: DKK 50
Hire of rounders equipment (bat and ball): DKK 30
Hire of football: DKK 20
One day’s workout: DKK 95 

The above prices are for one hour. 

Also visit Brasserie SaftStationen at Arena Assens. Here you can eat lunch or dinner, or drink a cup of coffee or tea on the patio or in rustic surroundings.  

Further details at Pulsen and Arena Assens are available on www.arena-assens.dk

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact activity leader Jane Jensen on tel.: +45 2334 9738, or send her an e-mail: jane@arena-assens.dk..