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The Randers Festival

The Randers Festival, Randers Festuge, is a recurring festival that takes place every year in August. Over nine days, you can experience the wonderful atmosphere that fills the city of Randers with many great experiences in music, art and much more.

The heart of Randers Festuge is the city centre, where the river Gudenå and the fjord meet, linking nature, culture, history and the present.

500 events in 9 days

Randers Festival Week 2024 takes place from 9 to 17 August. It's nine days with around 500 different events. Throughout the festival week, you can experience great music in many genres, experience art inside and out, watch street theatre, play sports, enjoy delicious taste experiences and much more. There are activities, entertainment and music for all ages.

Randers exudes the very special pulse that the festival week creates. Everyone is involved - Randers Theatre, Værket, Randers Rainforest, Randers Nature Centre, the city's shops, museums and many more.

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