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Randlev Church

The small Romanesque church from 1128 is the oldest church in Odder Municipality. This village church, made famous by St. St. Blicher, who lived in the adjacent rectory, holds fascinating original furnishings of historical value.

Beautiful Romanesque Church near Odder

Perched high on a hill in the idyllic village of Over Randlev near Odder lies this church, one of the oldest in the region and among the earliest of the many Danish stone churches constructed around 1200. The church presents itself visually with whitewashed ashlar blocks and a facade of large brown fieldstones. In more recent times, a porch and a narrow tower have been added.

However, a significant portion of the church's original appearance has been preserved. The two portals at the entrance to the church date back to the 12th century. Inside the church, a chancel arch is notably unique, featuring a relief with carved images including Jesus, Adam, and Eve.

Among other interesting details are uncovered frescoes, a Romanesque baptismal font, and a beautiful altarpiece from the 1500s.


St. St. Blicher's Time in Randlev

Adjacent to the church lies Randlev Rectory, which might ring a bell if you're familiar with the famous author, St. St. Blicher's works. Blicher's father, Niels Blicher, was the priest at Randlev Church from 1796 to 1823. St. St. Blicher grew up at the rectory, and from 1811 to 1819, he leased it and could call the rectory his own residence.

Blicher described his time in Randlev in several works, notably in the novella "A Jutland Incendiary Tale," which depicts the mysterious and fatal circumstances surrounding a major arson at the rectory.

Many fascinating tales are associated with Blicher's time in Randlev. For instance, Blicher narrowly avoided a shootout with local residents on Tunø during a hunt with the landowner from Rathlousdal. After the hunt on Tunø, he sought shelter at Norsminde Kro due to bad weather. During his stay at the inn, he fell in love with the innkeeper's daughter.

The rectory still stands today, although one wing has been demolished. The beautiful building is protected and can be seen from Kirkevej. It functions as a private residence, so refrain from entering the courtyard. Along the road, you can see the "Blicher Stone" erected in memory of Blicher's time in the village.


Would You Like to Visit Randlev Church?

Randlev Church is open when work is being done in the churchyard, which is during daytime on weekdays. You are welcome to stop by unless there are religious ceremonies taking place.


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