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The RecordPusher Vinyls

RecordPusher is a record store where you get the best customer service based on a great passion for vinyl records, both new and second hand.

About RecordPusher
RescordPusher is a store that sells both new and used vinyl records. The record store was founded back in 2011 as an online business. At the time, it was the first and only store in Denmark to sell vinyl records exclusively online. Since then, the shop has grown, and in 2014 RecordPusher opened a physical store in Odense. The store has a charming atmosphere, and it is clear that everyone who visits the record store has a shared passion for the new and old in the hobby.

Passion for vinyl records
The two most important words to describe RecordPusher are passion and customer service. The store makes a point of providing top-notch customer service based on a passion for collecting records, both new and old. Because, as RecordPusher itself puts it, vinyl records are a quality product. You can tell both from the look and the sound of the records.

Singles, EPs and LPs
RecordPusher sells several types of records, including singles, EPs and LPs. There are always more than 14,000 different titles to choose from, and new ones are added to the collection every day. Among the more than 14,000 titles, there are vinyl records from home and abroad, so you're sure to find what you are searching for. As to music genres, you'll find everything from blues to rock to soul and much, much more. If you're looking for a truly quality product, RecordPusher is the place to visit.  

Merchandise and more
In addition to a wide variety of vinyl, you'll also find a lot of other stuff at the RecordPusher record store. Of course, you can find various turntables, but also headphones and many different and cool accessories. Besides this, you can also buy posters, t-shirts, mugs, books and more. Every week RecordPusher also comes with a recommendation for a record you should buy, and the store also always has great deals on various products. In addition, you are always welcome in the shop for a chat about music and your passion for vinyl records.