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Red Deer at Sandersvig Camping & Tropical Water Park

Experience the free Red Deer in the Deer Park at Sandersvig Camping & Tropical Waterpark.

500 meters from Sandersvig Camping & Tropical Waterpark there is a Deer Park with an area of about 8-9 hectars, where the Red Deer are living their best life, with two small hills and two valleys to roam about in. Every day during the peak season and Friday and Saturday during the spring- and fall season the deer are fed some snacks. All guests are more than welcome to join and see the animals up close. It is also possible to ask the head of the camping ground, Johannes Holst, questions about the deer.

Even if you are not a guest at the camping ground, you can still enjoy the sight of the many Red Deer - the large fenced area is open towards Espagervej, and everyone can stop by and follow the changing seasons with the deer.

In the area you can also visit the lovely Sandersvig beach, which stretches for a little over 1 kilometer along the coast, with several bathing piers and the Blue Flag.

At Sandersvig Camping & Tropical Waterpark there are also plenty of activities; Playgrounds, air cushions and of course the large, indoor waterpark with a large heated swimmingpool, a slide, sauna and spa.