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Restaurant Anker

Restaurant Anker is located at one of the two harbors in Aarhus and overlooks both the great architecture of Aarhus Ø and the beautiful water views of Aarhus Bugten.

Gourmet and french brasserie

The restaurant is divided into two areas: Anker Gourmet and Anker Brasserie. The friendly brasserie staff will serve you French cuisine with a certain preference for fish and shellfish.

Anker Gourmet is the latest addition to the gourmet scene of Aarhus. You will be served a 9 or 13 courses gourmet experience centered around locally grown vegetables, fish and shellfish.

Smag & Slægt

Restaurant Anker is part of a family-run company called Smag & Slægt, which also operates Restaurant Martino, Restaurant NorR, and Restaurant Den Lille Kro in Aarhus.

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