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Restaurant Bavn on top of the Lighthouse

At Restaurant Bavn you can indulge yourself with a tasty lunch, a delicious dinner and an impressive selection of refreshing drinks. You can choose the restaurant at the top on the 44th floor or step inside on the 1st floor, where Brasserie Bavn also awaits with culinary experiences.

Both Restaurant Bavn and Brasserie Bavn offer lunch, evening menu and a great drinks menu, with the best of the soft to the sharp.

Lighthouse and Aarhus Øje

Restaurant Bavn is located at the top of Lighthouse, next door to Aarhus Øje and with the best view in Aarhus from the 44th floor. This is where the name Bavn comes from, which means woodpile or bonfire, a light that is lit in a high place as a kind of lighthouse and landmark.

And that's exactly the feeling you get, both when you look at Aarhus Øje from the outside and when you sit inside the restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner.

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