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Restaurant Kurbadet

Restaurant KURBADET is the very essence of Hornbæk. Located in the heart of the beautiful seaside town the restaurant takes great inspiration from the sea and the raw nature.

Local produce
The kitchen has a special feeling for all parts of the taste experience and a marked preference for local produce that Hornbæk is so well known for.

Authenticity and style
Stylish design, evocative details and the water outside the window combines the flavours of the restaurant in a total sensory experience. Here you can enjoy friends, wine and food with an authentic sense of the very essence of Hornbæk.

Open all year
The restaurant is open all year round and the flavours, the atmosphere and the view follow the change of the season.

Rent the restaurant
It is possible to rent the restaurant, the rooftop or the entire spa for special occasions, be it weddings, birthdays, corporate events etc.