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Restaurant Meat

Restaurant MEAT is located in the centre of Aalborg. Here, you will find different sorts of quality meat that is grilled to perfection. The passionate staff will ensure good service and high quality.  

At Restaurant MEAT, an emphasis is placed on creating delectable meat dishes in various ways. If you appreciate generous steaks and succulent meat, Restaurant MEAT is the ideal destination for you.

Dinner Menu 

Quality takes precedence at MEAT. Hence, meticulously chosen, aged, high-quality cuts are sourced from top-notch meat suppliers. Additionally, the meat is prepared to perfection using grilling, smoking, and open flame techniques. The menu features a diverse range of cuts, including Tournedos, Ribeye, New York Strip, and Japanese Kobe. Complementing the meat are numerous side order options, featuring various garnishes, sauces, and potatoes, of which you can select three at no further cost. 

Sharing Menu

For those unable to decide between dishes, MEAT presents a sharing menu with either 7 or 10 dishes. The sharing menu allows the entire party to sample various cuts and flavor combinations. Additionally, the experience can be enhanced by opting for a wine, lemonade, or drinks menu alongside the sharing menu.

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