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Restaurant Ö

Restaurant Ö is located in the beautiful harbour in the small market town of Nysted, and the love of nature is evident in the food and wine selection. The place is extremely popular and tables are often booked months in advance.

The restaurant is a labour of love. The owners select the wine themselves, bake the bread from scratch, prepare and serve it themselves. The emphasis is on fresh ingredients and seasonal produce, often organic.
Restaurant Ö has a changing menu with an emphasis on fish and poultry. It is a set menu, typically of five smaller dishes.
The food prepared is what the kitchen feels like and what ingredients are available; follow Facebook where the weekly menu is updated. Here you can also see the latest events and more.
Set aside an evening at Restaurant Ö if you want to taste the love of food and enjoy the view of the marina in Nysted and Aalholm Castle.