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Restaurant Omkring

At Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden, this pop-up restaurant serves delicious, creative gourmet dishes made with love and local ingredients. Come and enjoy a light lunch in the sun or a larger evening menu with approximately 10 servings.

Delightful, unique culinary experiences at Endelave

Did you know you can dine at Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden? Restaurant Omkring is a project—a micro-restaurant that gathers and purchases high-quality ingredients as close to the location as possible. The herb garden serves as a pantry, providing the restaurant access to herbs, beach plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and rabbits. Mushrooms, butter, cheese, flour, and similar items are sourced from farmers on the island, neighboring islands, and the mainland.

At the restaurant, people can taste some of the best products that Denmark and its nature offer. The aim is to surprise and challenge guests by incorporating ingredients such as beeswax, birch branches, stinging nettles, rabbit, and a multitude of other wild herbs.


The menu

At Restaurant Omkring, don't expect familiar classics. Here, the chefs unleash their creativity and present smaller dishes that you probably haven't tasted before. On weekend evenings, you can indulge in a larger menu with approximately 10 servings. Examples of dishes include rabbit rillette-stuffed æbleskiver (traditional Danish pancakes) with a reduction made from apple juice from Snaptun Frugtplantage, asparagus mousse with fjord shrimps, deep-fried quinoa from Hjarnø with West Jutland cheese and breadcrumbs made from rye bread.

Every day, the owners bake sourdough bread with ancient grain varieties from Samsø, and lunch often consists of light servings such as Omkring's own version of open-faced potato sandwiches and a light dessert featuring ingredients from Endelave.

The owners are trained sommeliers and offer a wide selection of wines from across Europe. They love to share stories about what's poured into the glass, including locally produced beers and homemade juices.


Keep an Eye on Facebook

The menu at Restaurant Omkring changes regularly, so keep an eye on Facebook, where you can see the specials of the day.


About Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden

Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden is a charming visitor's garden where you can explore hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs that grow naturally on Endelave. There is also a shop selling locally produced products, as well as the pop-up restaurant, Omkring. The herb garden is located within a short walking distance from the island's ferry port and village, making it worth a visit for day-trippers or those on longer holiday stays in Endelave.

The herb garden is open from May until mid-October each year, and it is during this period that you can visit the restaurant.

You can find the exact and current opening hours on Restaurant Omkring's website.


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