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Retreat at Gravendal - Reiki 2

Give yourself a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join Reiki Retreat 2 at Gravendal.

Reiki 2 is the next step on the path to becoming a practitioner and to strengthen and refine the energy you channel to a more advanced level.

In this course, you'll develop your connection with the universal life force and learn a range of effective ways to utilise it. You will be tuned in to the first three symbols and mantras and learn how to increase the use of Reiki for remote treatments or energetic clearing of spaces and objects.

You will learn how to work with and resolve mental and emotional blockages, dissolve unwanted, unpleasant beliefs and patterns and rebalance energy.

The course also teaches you how to treat others professionally, sensitively and responsibly by deepening your understanding of the content and process of treatments.

The course is held at Gravendal, which is beautifully located near the sea.

Read more about the course here.