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Ribehøj Bio Hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites, all with a special warmth and cosy atmosphere with natural materials in focus.

Ribehøj is the ideal place for you to pull the plug and enjoy each other, peace and nature or to celebrate a special day.

Ribehøj’s 100 m2 suite with open fireplace is luxury for you wanting gorgeous and stylish surroundings and much space. The suite with open fireplace has own wellness section with double spa and shower, TV lounge, fireplace, wine bar and outdoor heated Jacuzzi.

The Ribehøj’s 35 m2 panorama suites offer you own outdoor  Jacuzzi, where you can enjoy the view over park and meadow while enjoying a glass of Champaign. In the panorama suite you have your own fireplace, wine bar and double shower in the luxurious bathroom.

Ribehøj’s log suite is luxurious overnight-stay in a class by itself for wedding overnight-stays or a romantic mini-holiday for you and the one you love. The 50 m2 log suite is tasteful accommodation in natural and warm materials. From the wine lounge of the suite is a view of 10000 m2 lake,  which you can also enjoy from the roofed-over terrace. The Ribehøj log suite is faultless comfort offering a large bed room, king-size bed with integrated TV, large bathroom with double spa and shower as well as TV, Smart TV with film, internet surfing, walk-in-closet and safe-deposit box.

Ribehøj’s log rooms are luxurious rooms in a class by themselves. The perfect place for a romantic weekend and cosy self-indulgence. You have a view over the lake from morning till night, birdcalls to wake you up in the morning and a first-class restaurant not far from the log room. Nature is a the theme in the arrangement of the suite and a view out through the window to open landscape, water sail and game in the distance. The rooms are constructed in natural stones, effect lights and warm materials and the wine bar offers perfectly tempered wine. All four log rooms have integrated music systems, Smart TV with the option of renting films and internet surfing.

Breakfast is served either in the suite or in our gourmet restaurant not far from the suites.