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Ringkjøbing Market town

If you want to spice up your holiday with some unique experiences, Ringkøbing is worth a visit. Ringkjøbing Handelsforening and the town's shops hold many different events throughout the year on Torvet and around the streets. 

Ringkjøbing Market town was founded in 1874, and today has more than 135 members. This is a mix of shops, liberal professions, eateries and other businesses. Common to these companies is that they live wholly or partly on trade and tourism in Ringkøbing.

As a member of Ringkjøbing Market town, the companies support the local trade development and ensure a vibrant city life. Which benefits both the city's locals and the many guests.

The purpose of Ringkjøbing Market town is to promote trade, tourism and industry. This is done, among other things, by marketing Ringkøbing as a trading town, and holding various events and activities in the town.

In Ringkøbing you will find more than 70 specialty shops, 18 restaurants and 8 grocery stores. Thus, you will always find a varied and exciting selection in Ringkøbing's lovely streets.

Throughout the summer, there are children's activities on the Square, so that the parents have time to enjoy a refreshment while the children are entertained.