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Rødsten - Nature trail - 3,2 km

P: Langstedsvej (N 56° 50.602’, E 9° 1.093’ ) / Rødstensvej (N 56° 50.395’, E 9° 0.251’)
L: 3,2 km

Marking: Yellow

On this route you get close to “Rødstenen” and “Den røde Sten” (the Red Stones). They are
both red sandstones, but “Rødstenen” is covered by lichen which makes its surface grey.
“Den røde Sten”, however, stays red as it is constantly washed clean by the salt water. The
route continues along the eastern cliffs with moler and ash layers to Langstedhuller where
the hills are covered with primroses and pasquefl owers in the early spring.