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This rum shop in the Stensballe district of Horsens offers a huge selection of rum from around the world as well as their very own unique production. You'll also find a fine selection of other spirits in the shop, which also hosts tastings and other events.

Romdeluxe – exclusive shop and showroom

Romdeluxe is located in modernized, yet historical premises in the old forge of Stensballegaard Manor. The moment you step inside, you'll feel the attention to detail. Owners Claus, Kim, and Michael are thoroughly dedicated to their passion for rum, creating a truly unique shop with a selection you won't find elsewhere.


Selection, own production and historical bottles

At Romdeluxe, you'll find a vast selection of whisky, gin, and other spirits but especially rum, rum, and more rum.

Romdeluxe carries brands from a plethora of well-known and lesser-known labels, with the owners' discerning taste shaping the selection.

However, what truly sets Romdeluxe apart is their own bottlings; the Romdeluxe Collections. Here, you'll find their Wild Series Rum, Collectors Series, Limited Batch Series, and Selected Series - each series offering many different variants varying in taste and strength, tapped from specially selected casks.

Explore the entirety of Romdeluxe's own production here and remember to ask the staff in the store - as there's often a fantastic story behind each bottle.

For the die-hard rum enthusiasts, Romdeluxe also offers historical bottles, displayed in the showroom's display. Check out the current selection of historical bottles on Romdeluxe's webshop.


The Vikings of Kystlandet

Looking for a perfect souvenir from your holiday in Kystlandet? Romdeluxe's rum series 'Vikinger in Kystlandet' celebrates the local area's Viking history through a series of rums named after King Hjarne, Queen Alrune, and Prince Endlau, who have given their names to the islands of Hjarnø, Alrø, and Endelave. And as something new, you can now also purchase a rum named after the great Viking king Frode Fredegod.

On this page, you can learn more about the Viking rums and purchase your own bottles.


Much more than spirits

While the owners are particularly dedicated to rum, they sell much more than just spirits in the store, which boasts a great selection of specialties. Here, you'll find a wide range of craft beers, wines, accessories, mixers, garnishes, and gift baskets and boxes, perfect for hostess gifts, special occasions, anniversaries, or gifts of appreciation. And don't forget to pick up some of the delicious, award-winning rum balls from Nørre Aaby to take home. They come highly recommended by us.


Tastings, cocktail-school and other events

At the back end of the store, in a lowered room with the smithy's original ace, you will find Romdeluxe's tasting room.

Here, Romdeluxe arranges rum, gin, red and white wine, rosé, port wine - and champagne and caviar tastings several times a month.

A few times during the year, you can also test your cocktail-making skills, and maybe even learn a trick or two when Romdeluxe holds cocktail school.

If you want it to be extra cosy, there is sometimes live music throughout the evening.

See all Romdeluxe's exciting events and book your ticket immediately.

It is possible for those interested to book the tasting room for meetings, events, and arrangements. Contact Romdeluxe for more information.


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