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Rønnebæk Fælled

Rønnebæk Fælled is a large local recreational green area close to Rønnebæksholm and only a short distance to Næstved Centrum. The area is dominated by Åsen, which in some places rises 40 metres above sea level. Åsen is 10 km. long and therefore Denmark's longest trail of its kind. Rønnebæk Fælled consists mainly of forest, plains and nature-restored wetlands with streams, meadows and lakes.

For those with a car, there are good opportunities to park close to the afforestation area as there are parking spots at Rønnebæksholm, at Rønnebæk Church and just before Præstøvej crosses the railway and at the Kiosk at Åsen and Ny Præstøvej.

If you are coming by bike or on foot, you can come via "Laugstien".