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An art gallery in an atmospheric old estate surrounded by lush, natural greenery.

Rønnebæksholm is Næstved Municipality's art center and is committed to creating local engagement and perspectives. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, Rønnebæksholm reaches out, and its facilities, both indoor and outdoor, enable the development of innovative artistic and cultural programs of high quality.

Rønnebæksholm's mission is to awaken the curiosity and openness of the citizens, which can be used to understand and refine the contemporary times we live in. Rønnebæksholm offers an active artistic program of exhibitions and cultural events. Through these, Rønnebæksholm supports creative learning, formation, and communities for citizens of all ages and backgrounds, making art accessible.

The white main building, constructed in the neo-Gothic style, houses the art center, Children's Workshop, café, shop, Marie's Room, and a residency apartment. The Art School and Talent School are located in the old breeding buildings at the entrance to the park.

In the Manor Stable, the restored carriage gate and stable, various events are held, such as lectures, poetry and conversation salons, concerts, and conferences. The park and the courtyard by the main building form the setting for viewing sculptural works and events such as art performances, walks, Sea Market, Midsummer, "Thank You for Kindness", and March 8th - International Women's Day.

The Poet's Pavilion “Kindness”, which Rønnebæksholm's owner Marie Toft had built for her husband N.F.S. Grundtvig in the 1850s, is located in the southeast corner of the park and houses a permanent work by Randi & Katrine.

In extension of the park lies the 6500 m2 Manor Garden, which is framed by Randi & Katrine's work The Portal. Throughout the year, there are foraging days, plant dyeing, pumpkin days, and All Saints’ Day. The garden forms a framework for communities with volunteers who assist. In recent years, the focus in the Garden has been on how to be a manor garden that is relevant in the times we live in, especially focusing on biodiversity, sustainability, and communities.

Behind the Manor Garden, there is a large nature playground, and by the Manor Stable, one can find the Musical Nature Base with large outdoor musical instruments made of stone and wood. You can also experience Rønnebæksholm's Sound Park and sculptural works by, among others, Randi & Katrine, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Søren Aagaard, and Monia Sander Haj-Mohammed.

There are picnic areas in several places in the park area and free access all year round both in the park and the Manor Garden.


Translated by AI.