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Rosenvold Harbour (Havn)

If you are looking for a quiet marine in scenic surroundings, then Rosenvold is the obvious choice for you. Located at the mouth of Vejle Fjord, you are surrounded by forests and beaches, only a short walk from some of the great nature experiences of the area.

Relaxation in an idyllic setting

Rosenvold is a nice little gem. The area has a beach, a caravan site, a castle and, not least, a small intimate marina, all beautifully wrapped in beautiful scenery. Rosenvold is the perfect place to slow down.

The harbour has nice facilities with a toilet, shower, barbecue, Wi-Fi and gas. There is a small playground where the children can let loose and a volleyball court next to the beach. 


Explore nature

The northern shore of Vejle Fjord is characterised by beautiful forests and a dramatic coastline. The forest of Staksrode Skov some two kilometres from the harbour is worth a visit. The forest has tall slopes leading down to the beach of Stenhøj Strand and a violent and breath-taking expression. There are several routes through the forest. One of these takes you past the castle ruin of Borgruinen Stagsevold.

On the other side of the harbour is Hotel Vejlefjord and its beautiful park. There are a few historical health resort roads at the hotel which take you through the beautiful lighthouse of Træskohage Fyr, amongst others.


Please note:

Rosenvold Marina has no harbour master’s office. The harbour master attend twice a day and, otherwise, payment is made in the post box by the club house. The harbour can be navigated at mil. water of two metres after a major dredging in 2019. Visits are asked to use the spaces marked by a green sign at the visitor’s jetty.