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RO'UM is a brand new and unique Lolland spirit made from Lolland beets. Its character is probably most similar to that found around the universe of Whisky, Calvados, Grappa; but RO'UM has its own unique flavour that is also new to the world of spirits.

RO'UM is made from sugar beet from Lolland, which is cold pressed right after harvesting. The beet juice from the pressing is mixed with about 15% apple juice from Danish apples, the mixture is fermented and distilled after natural fermentation. The distillate is aged on wood. One variant is aged on acacia wood, one on chestnut wood and one on oak wood, so in total there are 3 variants.

The flavour comes solely from the beet, apple and wood; there are no additional flavours added. The beetroot bitters are toned down to an underlying friendly presentation. RO'UM is in the dry spirit universe and each variant has its own flavour.

We also offer organic varieties and, of course, we share small samples so you can taste your way to your favourite.

The staff at RO'UM speak Danish, English, German, Swedish and a little French.

Visits can be arranged in advance by sending an email to info@ro-um.dk or by sending an SMS to RO'UM's phone number.