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Rudkøbing public bath

Built 1926.

Rudkøbing Badeanstalt is located at the southern end of Rudkøbing Harbour next to the ferry jetty. Built in 1926, it was renovated in 2016 on its 90th birthday. The bathing centre is open 365 days a year, has become a designated Winter Bathing Point, and is popular with winter swimmers on Langeland.

Good conditions

The bathing facility is 7 metres wide and 25 metres long and is made of wooden planks. The seabed next to the bathing centre consists of sand with stones scattered evenly across the bottom. The water depth is relatively shallow and you can easily bring your children to the bathing centre.

Good facilities

It is possible to park at the bathing centre and there are excellent facilities in the form of toilets and changing rooms. There is also an outdoor shower and a jetty. Please note that the toilet at the bathing centre is closed during the winter (from week 42 to week 14). The changing rooms can be used with a key that is located in a key box - the code for this can be obtained from Vej, Park og Ejendomme (+45 63 51 62 60) or the bathing association.