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The Rune Stone by Bække Church

The rune stone by Bække Church was erected on a small hillock.

The stone came to light in 1807 when a new gateway was to be made in the churchyard embankment where the stone had been hidden in the soil. The stone was then placed in the vicinity of the new gateway. In 1858, it was moved to the church. In 1923, it was moved to its current location. The original location is unknown.

The inscription on the three vertical bands reads: "Ravnunge-Tue og Fundin og Gnyple, de tre gjorde Thyras høj". (TUE RAVNSUNGE, FUNDEN AND GNYBLE ERECTED THIS BARROW). We do not know with certainty who Thyra was but all indications are that it was Queen Thyra, who resided in Jelling, and if so, the rune stone is from around the year 925 AD.

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