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Ry Bike Park

Ry Bike Park

In Ry Bike Park, mountain bikers can practice various techniques and find an alternative to driving in the forests. On mountain bikes, balance is practiced, driving on different surfaces, up and down, as well as braking and turning techniques. In the park you can also practice jump, drop and pumping technique on the landscaped Pump Track. The most difficult challenges in Ry Bike Park should only be run after expert guidance by experienced mountain bikers and never when you are alone.

Balance booms

The 3 balance beams in the bike park have different length, shape and height above the ground. Practice on the shortest and then try the others to increase your safety on narrow tracks and bridges.

Steep ups and down

The built-up hills in the park offer steep ascents and descents. When driving up steeply, stay in the saddle and put the weight forward; chest down toward the handlebars and allow the legs to work in low gear up the hill. When driving downhill, it is best to get up with horizontal pedals and put the weight behind the saddle so that your center of gravity is low and back on the bike.

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