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SAGALAND Adventure Park

Invite the whole family on an enchanting journey to Sagaland, where the time machine sends you back to the Age of Chivalry. It's like stepping into a living fairytale where anything is possible! 

Take the whole family on an enchanting journey to SAGALAND, where the TIME MACHINE sends you back to the Age of Chivalry. Step into a living adventure and experience the Age of Chivalry in all its glory, and you will be entertained by the most magical and colourful experiences. Look forward to making memories together in this enchanting adventure in SAGALAND!

HORSE SHOW: Experience a horse show with real knights fighting on horseback. ABRACADABRA: The old wizard school.

MYSTERY SEARCH is for all keen detectives. This year the "TIME" has passed! It's all about following the traces of time through the old fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and Dr Grimm - solve the riddles, crack the codes and find the key to the passage of time.

ELF SEARCH: In Sagaland, the Christmas elves are on summer holiday, but also forest elves, farm elves and a single ship elf have been hiding in the fairytale park. Can you find all 99?

QUICKLY GAMES: In Sagaland there are lots of quirky games and different activities. Here the whole family can challenge each other

The activities are free of charge.

Open: 23rd of June - 16th of August - every day 10 am - 4 pm closed Saturdays
Come as often as you like: all tickets are valid as season tickets.