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Is Salonen & Living by Helt

ALL weather is ICE weather… because homemade ice cream is made all year round (except January)… Pamper your senses with delicious Italian-inspired ice cream from the Ice Salon in Frederiksværk. Stop and come inside. Here you get homemade ice cream, both to-go and to enjoy in the store or outside.

Bring the family and experience enchanting taste sensations at Is Salonen in the heart of Frederiksværk.

Every day, ice cream and other delights are carefully crafted by the ice cream master & pastry chef in the workshop below the store. The delicious ice cream's main ingredient is based on organic milk from the local Lundholm farm. All ingredients are carefully selected, preferably from local partners.

Step into the cosy ice cream café & lifestyle store and treat yourself to homemade specialities:

  • Ice cream (minimum 16 different varieties)
  • Handmade ice cream bars
  • Ice cream cake/pieces (also available to take home)
  • Milkshake/smoothie shake (mix your favourite flavour)
  • Soft serve ice cream Take-away ice cream box (to take home/to the summer house or on the go)
  • Homemade ice cream cones
  • Freshly baked cake/cookies
  • Handmade rum balls & cream puffs
  • Freshly brewed coffee/tea/hot cocoa (also available to go)
  • Cold refreshing drinks
  • Rent an ice cream bar and treat your guests

Ice cream is made here for EVERYONE – including those with milk allergies, diabetics, and vegans. The passion is to provide you with a unique taste experience.

The ice cream café and lifestyle store are at the beginning of Frederiksværk's pedestrian street, across from the beautiful old church and along the Arresø canal. You can enjoy lunch and sweet treats in the cosy café, which has seating for 25 guests and outdoor seating when the weather permits.

Is Salonen is the story of passionate work to produce the finest Danish ice cream made from local ingredients. In 2021, Is Salonen opened in Frederiksværk, consisting of our cosy café and ice cream workshop. Is Salonen continues its journey to create new combinations and flavours, aspiring to deliver exceptional taste experiences with ice cream and cream puffs.

Is Salonen provides ice cream, cream puffs, and rum balls to restaurants and businesses.

Opening hours  

Just outside the door, there are good shopping opportunities.

Before saying goodbye, take a small tour of the lifestyle section. Here, you can get inspiration for home/summer house decor. There are decorative items from brands like Chic Antique Ib Laursen, handmade items from local artisans, and skincare from Danica Skincare.

Afterwards, stroll into the pedestrian street, where the shopping district has a wide range of shops.

REMEMBER: There are plenty of free parking options.

Personal requests and table reservations.

If you have an event/excursion/corporate event where you need something extraordinary, feel free to contact Is Salonen, who has plenty of ideas to create an ice cream adventure tailored to your desires.

Table reservations at info@issalonen.dk for individuals, groups, and meetings.