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Samsø Museums Velkomstcenter

The Welcome Centre in the old dairy in Tranebjerg is Samsø Museum’s HQ. Here visitors are given a cultural historical introduction to the island, information about Samsø Museum’s many attractions, activities and events, and may be inspired to seek out the history in the landscape.

Samsø Museum’s main objective is to elucidate the interaction between man and landscape – culture and nature – through the island’s history, and thus highlight the background of Samsø’s rich cultural landscape.

Samsø Museum’s want to inspire the visitor to seek out the story in its proper element – the landscape. Visiting places around the island, one can experience the history of civilization in the context of the landscape.

In the Welcome Centre you can:

  • Wath the movie “Samsø – an island becomes” about Samsøs development through 16,000 years told in just 8 minutes.
  • Try the historical experiment for children, “HistorieUniverset”.
  • Visit the museum shop, which has a large selection of historical toys and jewelry, Samsø literature and unique gifts.

Tourist information
The Welcome Center acts as tourist information on weekends and holidays.

Adults: DKK 50,-
Groups: DKK 30,-
Children and young people under 18: Free

The fare also includes entrance to the Samsø Museumsgård

About Samsø Museum
Samsø Museum tell’s about the relationship between man and nature, about society’s cultural impact on nature for thousands of years. A traditional museum is bounded by walls and filled with things from the past. Samsø Museum is rather a common name for a variety of activities that get you to see and understand the connection between Samsø’s landscape, culture and people of the past, present and future.

In the center of Tranebjerg in the old Dairy, visit the Welcome Centre – the heart of Samsø Museum. Here visitors get a cultural introduction to the island, information about Samsø Museum’s many attractions, activities and events, and is inspired to seek out the story in the landscape.