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Sandvig Havn

Small fishing harbour and marina. 15 berths . Should be entered only during the day in bright, clear visibility and only by boats with draughts of up to 1.4 m and not during onshore gales. Compass variation may occur, and strong currents coupled with bad visibility can be dangerous. hammerodde Lighthouse will guide boats in during approach. The harbour's leading lights guide boats in 175 degrees and are turned off whenever approach is hazarsous. In calm weather, a gentle surface current in the Baltic Sea sets around Bornholm in a WSW-ly direction toward the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. In a fresh breeze the current normally sets in the direction of the wind, but totally unpredictable deviations can occur and cause difficulty at a number of locations (Hammer Harbour). Note that the wind is frezuently more brisk on the leeside of Bornholm than on the weather side.