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Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

Visit this big and charming farm shop in the scenic village Sønder Vissing, and find a selectionexciting delicacies, Japanese knives, and high-quality arts and crafts. You can also have a beautiful bouquet made or enjoy a meal in the café.

A hotspot for delicacies

Sdr. Vissing Torvehal is a modern market hall characterized by fine craftmanship and local products. The farm shop offers a wide range of local specialty food products and arts and crafts such as meat, oils, ceramics, and many more products from small manufacturers. The store specializes in quality products where the manufacturer is willing to go that extra mile ensuring that you get a great experience.

On the shelves you can find delicious specialty beer, locally produced honey, and fresh vegetables.

There is also a selection of Japanese, handmade quality knives from Khocho.


Enjoy a meal in the café

The cosy centre of Sdr. Vissing is the café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, cold drinks, or lunch. You can find sandwich buns, wraps, salads, and freshly baked bread with cold meat. You also have the option of ordering tapas and packed lunch in advance.


Buy lovely flowers

Sdr. Vissing Market Hall also home to a florist, and you can purchase bouquets, decorations, and wreaths. You can always find a selection in the store, but you can also call in advance with a specific enquiry.



Sdr. Vissing Market Hall has a self-service stall that makes it possible to shop outside of opening hours. Torvetutten is located outsode the entrance.  Here, you can find a selection of flowers, flower decorations, and convenience goods such as milk, bakeoff bread, processed food, and frozen meat. At the Sdr. Vissing Market Hall website, you can see the current opening hours of the store and the self-service stall.


Spend the night in beautiful nature

Sdr. Vissing Market Hall has its own bed & breakfast, Toften B&B, with small apartments at affordable prices. Te area around Sdr. Vissing is ideal for many different outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and canoeing on the river Gudenå. Accommodation at Toften B&B is a perfect opportunity to explore the unique nature of the area Bakkelandet.