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Search for amber on the beaches of Hirtshals

Along the beaches there are great opportunities to find amber - also known as "the gold of the north". Explore the many beautiful beaches and see if you can find it yourself.

It is exciting to go searching for amber and it only takes is a bit of practice and patience to have good luck.

Here are 5 tips for a successful amber hunt:

Go out after a good storm. Your chances for finding amber are greatest if you search in the large piles of seaweed and seagrass, the sea just washed up on shore. As amber does not weigh much, it often come in with piles of seaweed and seagrass.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons for amber hunting. Cold water has the greatest bearing capacity and along with the stronger winds of these seasons, the chances of it washing amber ashore are highest.

Get up early – many people are searching for amber.

Remember amber is not only yellow! So look after reddish and dark shades too.

Bring a fishing net. Maybe there is a lot of seaweed and seagrass in the shallow, and maybe you just have the luck to find amber just there. Have fun!