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Sebastian Klein - Verdens klammeste og mærkeligste dyr

Sunday 8 September 2024 at 2.00 pm.

All children love Sebastian Klein. You can experience the fantastic communicator and his quirky stories when he returns to MCH Herning Kongrescenter on 8 September 2024, this time with the show 'Verdens klammeste og mærkeligste dyr / The world's ugliest and strangest animals'.

The show is based on his popular books 'Verdens 100 mærkeligste dyr / The World's 100 Strangest Animals' from 2016 and 'Verdens 100 klammeste dyr / The World's 100 most disgusting Animals' from 2019. Despite the titles of the books, according to Sebastian Klein, there are actually neither ugly nor strange animals at all. It's just us humans who can think they're disgusting or weird. Because it may well be that some snails stab each other during mating, that clownfish change sex, and that some animals eat their own (or other people's) shit, but there is almost always a really good reason for it, says Sebastian Klein.