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Welcome at SEERUP Optics Herning. 

At SEERING Optics we have made an effort to create a setting that give thought to details and where it is possible to be inspired. We are passionate for the profession and would like to present our products in the best possible way in order to give you as a customer a full experience of quality. 


Why settle with one pair of glasses?

As a member of SEERUP FLEX you will always receive a 70% discount of the glasses you pick. Price per month for SEERUP FLEX membership:

Single glasses strength 125 kr. 

Multi glasses strength 225 kr. 

If you would like several glasses to pick from, follow the fashion and create a personal wardrobe of glasses SEERUP FLEX is for you. SEERUP FLEX apply to both glasses and sun glasses, so go shopping, the more glasses you pick, the more money you will save.