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Shelter site: Femø

This nice little shelter site lies in the middle of Femø’s beautiful nature. The two shelters are peacefully located in the corner of a former soccer field, so there is plenty of space for games and fun. The area is nicely sheltered by the surrounding forest, brushwood and hedgerows, and thus the wind is never an issue.

The shelters were drawn and built in solid timber entirely by the local residents association. The facilities are unusually luxurious, in particular if you’re unlucky with the weather; the former club house has a tea kitchen, dining area, toilet and a nice shower with hot water available. The tent guests have access to similar facilities through the door on the right side.

The shelter and tent site is located approximately 2,2 km from the ferry terminal. If you don’t fancy campfire food, then Femø Kro has a nice restaurant open every year from April to October. Make sure to shop groceries in Kragenæs before boarding the ferry, as there are no grocery stores on the island. Click here for information about the Femø ferry.

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