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Shelter site - Kramnitze Havn

In the nice little harbour at Kramnitze, you’ll find this shelter located just a few meters away from the ocean. The site is nicely sheltered by the beach rose bushes, but on the other side of the greenery there is a pleasant sandy beach perfect for taking a dive or enjoying the sun. The area is bustling with activity during the tourist season, so it’s a fun and social shelter site in the summer months. The national cycle route 8, also known as the Baltic Sea route, passes directly by.

 Plan your grocery shopping before you get here, by making a stop in Dannemare or Rødbyhavn, respectively 10 km west and 9 km east of Kramnitze.

If you’re up for more adventures and amusements after your stay here, then you can continue east to Lalandia, which is approximately 7 km east along the fascinating dyke.

During the tourist season, you can enjoy pizza and grill food at the nearby restaurant, La Castagna, which is a 500 meter walk from the shelter. 2 km west you’ll find the lovely little tourist gem, Hummingen, where there are two nice dining places called Den Gamle Digegaard and Restaurant Strandgården. The latter is not only a restaurant, but also a café, an ice cream stall and a minigolf course!

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