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The Shelters at Kongshøj Strand Beach

Beautiful sunsets over the Great Belt Straits in a peaceful rural environment

Kongshøj Å River meanders through the undulating landscapes of East Funen, which were created in the last Ice Age, To the north of the river estuary, we find this lovely area around Kongshøj Strand Beach – ideal for nature lovers. In addition to the beach itself, there is a campsite and shelter site here. As close as you can get to the Great Belt Straits, you can enjoy the sun coming up over the Great Belt Bridge, enjoy a quick dip in the sea and fish for e.g. sea trout along the coastline. 

Kongshøj Strand Beach is one of Nyborg Municipality’s Blue Flag beaches. There are excellent beach facilities here.

The shelter site has two architect-designed Lumpfish-type shelters. Each accommodates 4-5 people. At the shelter site there is a fire pit with BBQ grill rack. You can buy firewood at the site.  At the Kongshøj Strand Camping campsite just a stone's throw from the beach, shelter guests are welcome to use the toilets and fetch drinking water. 

The shelter site at Kongshøj Strand Beach is part of the Blue Landmarks shelter scheme, funded by Danish state rural development grants. The shelters in the scheme are all at coastal locations. The idea is that visitors can stay overnight in shelters all around the island of Funen. This shelter site is operated and maintained by the Kongshøj Strand Camping campsite. 

To learn more about and book this shelter site, click on the link or visit bookenshelter.dk. 

Kongshøj Strand Camping – a campsite at the beach

Kongshøj Strand Camping campsite is right next to the shelter site. Shelter guests are welcome to use toilet and drinking water facilities. Other facilities provided at the campsite are not included in shelter hire.

Shelter guests may use the following campsite facilities at an extra charge:

  • Shelter guests are welcome to shop at the campsite Mini-market.
  • You can buy showers
  • You can buy firewood

You must contact the campsite directly if you wish to use the campsite’s facilities or need accommodation in addition to the shelters, e.g. if you wish to erect a tent or rent additional chalets, etc.