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Shelters in Tønballe Forest

In the woods at Tønballe Nature Center is a shelter with 3 shelters each accommodating 8 people. The shelters have wooden floors raised above ground level, grassy roofs and sides made in douglas circles. The 3 shelters surround a nice bonfire with benches.

  • Access to restrooms and water at the nature center. The toilets must not be used for dishes. Instead, bring dishes / buckets.
  • Firewood is provided at the parking lot next to the nature center.
  • Do not set tents in the shelter area.

Boil pots and bonfires as well as dry firewood to start campfire can be pre-booked at the nature center.

The Shelter Square can only be used for pre-order and for payment. It is only possible to rent all three shelters at the same time.