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The Shop in Hennetved

At "The Shop in Hennetved" you can purchase ceramics, paintings, drawing and graphic art created by painter Tilde Louise Carlsen and potter Søren Baun Jeppesen.

The Shop

The shop presents a small selection of Tilde Louise Carlsen and Søren Baun Jeppesen's work. If visitor are interested it is also possible to visit the kilm in a seperate building in the back yard.
If there is nobody in the shop, you can make an appointment to visit by ringing to the artists.

Potter Søren Baun Jeppesen

Søren Baun Jeppesen has chosen the most challenging way to produce his ceramics. He fires his works in a kilm heated by an open flire, that he built together with an engineer.  
Each firing takes between 14-20 hours, and he must keep an eye on the kilms fire, fuel supply and air-flow the whole time. He also produces the glazes he uses from, for example, ashes from the kilm, samples of earth from Langeland's cliffs ("the klints") and the basic raw materials that always have be used in a glaze.

Painter and graphic artist Tilde Louise Carlsen

Painter and graphic artist Tilde Louise Carlsen is always looking for new ways to express herself in her art.  For the past ten years or so she has been painting in watercolours in new, liberating ways.

She is committed to spreading the word about what she calls "New Nordic Watercolours".

You can read more about Tilde Louise Carlsen here.